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ELA Enrichment is an international resource . 

We can definitely help you improve your English conversation ability, writing, grammar, literature, and/or speaking.

We work with students in-person and via Zoom .

ELA Enrichment is a language and STEM academy based in the United States supporting students of elementary age through all adult levels from around the world.  We create individualized programs designed to meet specific student goals in  English writing, grammar, literature, and/or speaking

If you want to learn to speak English comfortably with others, aspire to dramatically grow in various English disciplines, or need some help to catch up and/or keep up with the various aspects of your classes, we can definitely help you. 

We are currently accepting students for individualized instruction both in-person and online; and during the summer, we offer both ELA camps and STEM camps in robotics and drones. 


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ELA Instruction via Zoom

Private Instruction (from the ELA Enrichment director/instructor):

I love education and . . . 

Students learn and have fun at the same time. 

Example of a class Kahoot.

Drones & Robotics Camps (from the STEM/robotics & drone director/instructor):

LEGO Mindstorms® Robot Inventor and DJI Tello EDU Drone campers . . . 

Online Drone Summer Class

Local Robotics Camp students at Drone Field Day 2021

Sandy A. - ★★★★★  

"We hired ELA enrichment for summer to prepare for my high school starting daughter in Sep 2021. My daughter gave a very positive review of the 2-month session. All the topics were covered in detail, especially grammar and sentence formation. . . . 

I highly recommend the class and teacher for students who want to improve in ELA. The best part . . . it was all online.

Thanks again as my daughter is very confident to start her honors high school."

Connecticut, USA