Worried this past school year left your child or teen less than prepared? Our summer camps and/or private instruction ensure students are well-prepared for the next level.

Welcome to ELA Enrichment

  • ELA Enrichment humanities students develop exceptional cognitive and academic abilities in language arts and STEM.

  • Students expand their language, writing, and analytical skills in a social studies context that deepens their understanding of the culture in which they live, and promotes a sense of belonging.

  • Hours set to meet the needs of students throughout the United States and abroad.

  • Experienced face-to-face, online teachers interact with students, allowing for a combination of direct instruction, group work, and individual practice.

  • STEM robotics and drone summer students have a great time creating various robots and learning how to fly and control drones—connecting science and math concepts to the real world. Click on the Instructors tab or go to www.robotics.camp for more details.

  • All materials included with the cost of tuition: We mail you all materials for robotics, drone, and humanities camps and courses.

  • ELA Enrichment students advance beyond their subsequent academic levels and develop employability skills.

  • Individualized instruction gives students one-on-one time with an expert dedicated to helping students meet their goals in most subject areas, including algebra, biology, chemistry, French, geometry, grammar, Latin, literature, Mandarin, physics, social studies, Spanish, writing, and others.

Good English, well spoken and well written, will open more doors than a college degree. Bad English will slam doors you didn't even know existed. ~ William Rasberry

Now enrolling rising SEVENTH, EIGHTH, and NINTH-GRADE students for summer camps and school year enrichment classes, and PRESCHOOL-AGED through TWELFTH-GRADE students for individualized instruction.